What's Inside?

In Honor of Rabbi Moshe Stepansky and his comment to "The Futurist": The Tanchumah (Bamidbar 2) teaches: This can be compared to a ruler who entered a province, and when its citizens saw him they fled. He entered a second province and the citizens ran...

Table Talk
Table Talk: Vayishlach

I’d have killed him! Jacob wrestled an angel of God, whatever that means, and won. He surely could have killed, or at least, defeated Eliphaz whsent by Esau to murder Jacob. Why did he

The Only Shabbat

My friend was looking for a Shidduch for his daughter. He heard of a wonderful young man who was studying in a Yeshiva in Connecticut, and spoke to the young man’s teachers. He wasn’t satisfied with the reports, which were all effusive in praise, so...

Ki Teitzei: Apples On The Lilac Tree

Said the little boy to the little girl, “Pray, give me just one kiss.” The girl was so surprised, “You’re a stranger, sir,” said she. “I will give you just one kiss When apples grow on the lilac tree.” The boy felt very sad at heart, She was the only one; The girl...