A Mouth of Torah

Elifaz, the suffering Job’s friend, in his third and final response to Job’s dilemma, insists that Job’s suffering must have come as a response either to failings in his treatment of other people or his thoughts denying Divine Providence.
Succot Contradictions

I love water. I love the ocean. I love waterfalls. I love to go whitewater rafting. I love to swim. I love the Mikvah – Ritual Bath. I hate water. I hate finding water on the floor of my study. I hate when our garage is...

Achieving Greatness
Confessions: Ashamnu

“When affliction and suffering are visited upon the evildoer whose thought is constantly to persist in his wrongdoing – ‘ashamav’ -, he must accept chastisement at the outset, abandon his evil thought
How Did They Know?

Woe to my teachers when I was a little boy! I had the fantastic privilege of sitting on my father’s lap when he taught every topic under the sun. I picked up just enough information to cause problems for the teachers in Eitz Chaim Day...