Pirkei Avot-Three Weeks-Holy Books

In the period of the First Temple, we had the “Seeing Eye” of the Prophets. In the period of the Second Temple, we had the “Hearing Ear” of the Divine Voice - Bat Kol. Now, in exile, we resort to the third item
Countdown to Pesach-29-Esser Tzachtzachot

The Holy Dinover offended the Holy Rophshitzer and paid him a visit to placate him. Seeing the Dinover tremble from fear, the Rophshitzer said: “It is true that it lies within my power to punish you for your disrespect. Fear not, however,
Acquisitions: Part One

“Acquire a friend for yourself (Avot 1:6).” How? Since I first learned this Mishna as a little boy I’ve heard it explained as, ‘even if you have to buy the friendship with gifts.’ It hasn’t worked for me, and I believe that I’ve never seen...