Haftarah Ki Tisa Part Five

“Obadiah went toward Ahab and told him, so Ahab went toward Elijah.” It doesn't say that Obadiah went to Ahab, but rather that he went toward Ahab. This implies that all Obadiah did was turn in the direction of Ahab but Ahab was there.
Fighting To Look Up

Dedicated to the memory of Raizel Devorah bat David Shaykin on her Yahrtzeit “It happened that when Moses raised his hand, Israel grew stronger, and when he lowered his hand, Amalek was stronger (Exodus 17:11).” “Was it Moses’ hands that won the battle or lost it?...

Acquisitions: Part One

“Acquire a friend for yourself (Avot 1:6).” How? Since I first learned this Mishna as a little boy I’ve heard it explained as, ‘even if you have to buy the friendship with gifts.’ It hasn’t worked for me, and I believe that I’ve never seen...