Haftarah Nasso: Reading the Text V

Posted in honor of J.S. who will be studying this text on Shavuot in her quest to discover her Gadlut: “And Manoach prayed to God, and he said, Please God, the man of the Lord whom You sent should please come again to us, and...

Haftarah Nasso: Reading the Text IV

“And the woman came and she said to her husband saying, ‘A man of the Lord came to me, and his appearance as the appearance of an angel of the Lord, very awesome. And I did not ask him where he was from and he...

Haftarah Nasso: Reading the Text III

"Now therefore, please be careful, and do not drink fresh wine or old wine and do not eat anything impure. For behold, you will conceive and bear a son, no razor may touch his head, for a Nazir of the Lord, the boy shall be...

Haftarah: Nasso: Identity

Judges 13:2-25:  From the opening moments of the Samson story, the participants do not understand their roles. The verse introduces Manoah, but then describes how the angel appeared to his wife, not to him. He did not understand