Tolstoy and the Golden Calf

This is what happened to me: in the course of a whole year, when almost every minute I was asking myself whether I should end it all with a rope or a bullet, my heart was tormented with an agonizing feeling. This feeling I can...

Table Talk
Table Talk: Shelach

The Golden Calf and The Spies: The Midrash implies that there is a very strong connection between the sin of the Golden Calf and that of the spies: “And God said, ‘I have forgiven them as you said.’” (Numbers 14:20)
Table Talk: Ki Tisa

The Chess Master


One of the most famous stories about my Uncle Noach zt”l is his chess match against an international chess master. The latter had been studying in Aish HaTorah for a few weeks and was ready to leave.

The Missing Book

Our Rosh Hashanah prayers describe how all our actions are recorded in a book. I was always taught that, not only our actions, but our thoughts and words are recoded as well. There are some books I would really like to read: “The Life of...

Crushed By an Idol: Part One: Questions

Golden Calves are complicated: What do you do with a Golden Calf in middle of the desert? You can only party for so long. Eventually, you have to travel and find a place to settle. How do you travel with a Golden Calf? “Menashe made an image...

From A Different Planet

I receive complimentary issues of all sorts of magazines every week and I usually end up feeling as if I live on a different planet. Are there really enough people who buy a $200,000 watch to merit an advertisement? What about $2,000 pants? Private jets?...