Pirkei Avot-1:1-Nourishing Traditions

Woe to my teachers when I was a little boy! I had the fantastic privilege of sitting on my father’s lap when he taught every topic under the sun. I picked up just enough information to cause problems for the teachers in Eitz Chaim Day School in Toronto.
Reflections On A Monument

While yet a young man, Tycho Brahe discovered a new star, and the discovery brought him fame at home and in many distant lands. Denmark had a King then who was a patron of learning, and the King built an observatory for Tycho at the...

Inspiring Good

“And those who bring the people to do the right thing shall be as the stars, eternal (Daniel 12:3).” The Midrash comments: Just as one sees the light of the stars from one end of the world to the other, so, too, one sees the...