Achieving Greatness
Confessions: Ashamnu

“When affliction and suffering are visited upon the evildoer whose thought is constantly to persist in his wrongdoing – ‘ashamav’ -, he must accept chastisement at the outset, abandon his evil thought
The Mitzvah Thief

What does one do after a hurricane leaves his home without power for six days, ruining all the food, and making it impossible to clean the house? You have really special guests for Shabbat! We had two of our best friends in the world as guests...


I’m soaring. I ended Yom Kippur on a high. I am determined to be a better person, husband, father, rebbi, friend, and servant and seeker of God. I will pray with more passion. I will learn with more discipline. Yom Kippur filled me with joy...

Tested By A Smell

Our prayers extended beyond the official closing moment of Yom Kippur. We were in a different dimension, a place beyond time. Heaven? I don't know, but there was this smell wafting through the air, and for people who have been fasting for twenty- five hours,...