We often call Pip, our dog, ‘The Yogi’. He is a master bower, especially when he wants a cookie. Even after a few years of Yoga, I still cannot bow as well as Pip. His students watched as Rabbi Yehoshua Leib Diskin practiced the Amidah bowing...

Days of Awe
Life Building

“Teshuva, Tzedaka and Prayer, remove the bad parts of the decree.” (Unetane Tokef): It was said of Rabbi Tarfon that he was very wealthy but did not give sufficient Tzedaka-money to the poor. Rabbi
Rosh Hashana
Rosh Hashana: Anticipation

In the prophetic selection read on the second day of Rosh Hashana we listen to Jeremiah refer to the song of Miriam at the crossing of the Red Sea.  Her song and the song of all the women, was different from the
Clothes of Righteousness

“Who clothes Himself in acts of Righteousness in judgment.” (Rosh Hashana Machzor) Not only do the clothes make the person; the person can ‘make’ the clothes. Clothes carry something from the person who wore it before I did. (Chatam Sofer, Toledot) We dress ourselves in God’s garments...

One Small Detail

I spent most of yesterday battling with Land Rover over a receipt. Our car is under warranty and the transmission failed immediately after the engine was replaced. (Long Story!) Land Rover wanted receipts proving that we properly maintained the car and were not the cause...

Rosh Hashana
Rosh Hashana: Welcome To My World

Today is the birthday of Adam and Eve. We return to the time of joy, before the sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  We reach back to a time when all was good.  Rosh Hashana is the equivalent of the extraordinary