Chanukah Exercises Part One

Pirsumei Nissa - Publicize the Miracle

L’Hodot – Thank You

L’Hallel – Rejoice in Song

Candle - Potential

Prayer Skills: Chanukah Kavanot

When the Children of Israel thirsted for water in the desert, God told Moses, “Behold, I will stand before you buy the rock and you shall strike the rock, and water will come out of it, so that the people shall drink (Exodus 17:6).”
The Music of Halacha: Lighting the Chanukah Candles Part One

We can find a great deal of Jewish history in the placement of the Menorah and in the order we light its candles: The Talmud (Shabbat 21b) teaches us, “The Mitzvah is to place the candle by the doorway of one’s home on the outside. If one lives on an upper floor he should place it in a window that is adjacent to the public domain and in time of danger he should place it on his table and that is sufficient.”
The Chess Match

It all seems like a chess match in which the pieces are human beings struggling to live according to their values and beliefs. Joseph is different than his brothers. He likes colors, as in a coat of many colors. He battles Leah’s sons for the sake...

Haftarah: Shabbat Chanukah II: Achievement

Kings I 7:40-50: King Solomon’s Beit Hamikdash – Temple – was more physically remarkable than the Mishkan – Tabernacle – constructed by Moshe and the Children of Israel.
Is That God Smiling?

When does something achieve the status of a miracle? It is almost universal for parents holding their newborn in their arms for the first time to believe that they experienced a miracle. The first smile, the first crawl, the first steps are usually celebrated and...