Vaeira-Hail-The Earth is God’s

The function of the Mishkan is the settling of the Divine Presence in Israel. Thus it is written, “And let them make Me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them (Exodus 25:8),” and also, “The Temple of God are
Re'eih: Broken Rules II

I mentioned in Broken Rules I that certain Argentines, who shall remain nameless, also have difficulty with stop signs. This specific Argentine, joining me for my sunrise hike, sped through the streets as if there were no stop signs. (I admit that there were no...

The Struggle

The Mitzvah of Parah Adumah can be quite confusing and demanding. The more we learn the more demanding it becomes. Children had to be raised from birth in a secluded environment specially designed to protect them from any possible impurity in order to have people with...