Prayer Skills-Vaeira-Joy and Fear

“The Lord spoke to Moses and said to him, 'I am God' (Exodus 6:2).” Why does the Torah not tell us what the Lord said when He spoke? Why he does God referred to Himself as God after He had already told Moses Who
Shema-Pesach-With Love

The Tzanzer Rebbe once broke down in tears. “It is known that a man may study the Torah,” he said, “lead a holy life and pray regularly and still belong to the Other Side. Perhaps, for all my learning and prayer I still belong
Taking It With You-Vaeira-Levels of Fear

The cry of the Children of Israel to God when they were in Egypt was because of the fear of physical destruction. This is fear of punishment, which is the lowest and least valuable type of fear. There are many types
Joyous Trembling: Introduction

One of the important verses that is used to describe our service of God during the month of Elul and on Rosh Hashanah is, “Serve God with fear, and rejoice with trembling (Psalms 2:11).” We are encouraged to be happy on Rosh Hashanah despite the...