I left our home in Toronto in 1971 for summer camp, and was surprised to be driven at summer's end to a new home in Baltimore. I didn't know that we were moving. There seemed to be what Richard Russo, in "The Mysteries of Linwood...

Jacob the Builder

I spent a great deal of time thinking about Jacob this year, especially about his death as I knew that my mother a"h was approaching her end. ("A Different Sort of Fear of Life," "Not Waiting for the Monument," "The Fragrance of Permanence," "Stopping the...

Shema-Terumah-All Our Hearts

The divine soul of man is transmitted and descends to this world to be clothed in a human body, through the mystery of speech. This is the supernal Breath, regarding which it is written, “And God breathed into man's nostrils,
The Character in the Storm Part Two

We left off in “The Character in the Storm” with Rachel, having incorporated Jacob’s lessons (“Strength from Brokenness“) in her relationship with Leah, but wondering whether Leah understood Rachel’s message. I wonder whether Jacob was prepared for the storm that awaited him upon his return...