27 Dec What is the Reason? Good Attributes or Wonders

I went to see a “Miracle Working” Kabbalist, against your counsel, and was blown away by the stories I heard, while waiting for my appointment, of the miracles he has performed for so many people. He was truly impressive, and gave me all sorts of practices that, he assured me, would bring me all I asked. However, I was slightly taken aback by the rough way he dealt with his assistant. Is it possible for someone with poor Midot, personal attributes, to be a legitimate miracle worker? A.S.


It’s a Pasuk! The Torah tells us that Eliezer, the servant of Avraham, saw the water rise up to Rivka, and yet, he still was not sufficiently impressed until he observed her Midot, in this case, her kindness. So, yes, someone with poor personal attributes may be able to perform “miracles.”

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