25 Dec What is the Reason? Cain’s Sign

Is it true that you told someone that fear of animals is a result of sin? AYG It’s almost true. The Ohr HaChaim haKadosh writes that as long as a person guards himself from sin, he maintains the “Image of God,” and all animals will fear him as they feared Cain after he was granted the special sign from God to protect him from being killed (Deuteronomy 28:10)


Since you responded with an Ohr haChaim, I want to ask if you recall something you quoted him as saying about delaying Teshuva. AYG

If I recall correctly, it was about lack of confidence in Teshuva preventing repentance: “I have seen wicked people who have said to me that if they knew that they would die soon after doing Teshuva; they would repent. However, since they know that they cannot maintain their Teshuva for a long time, they don’t even try (Numbers 23:10).”

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