23 Dec What is the Reason? Eating With Sensitivity

You said that eating can be an excellent way to practice the laws of Bein Adam l’Chaveiro, Interpersonal Relationships. I understand how eating with dignity can be considered fulfillment of these laws. Are there other ways? VH


According to the Ba’alei Tosafot, not eating while on the subway or a bus, may qualify as Bein Adam L’Chaveiro: “You shall not plow with an ox and a donkey (Deuteronomy 22:10),” because the ox chews its cud and will seem to be chewing, and the donkey will suffer because it will think that the ox has food while the donkey has none. There are often hungry people watching as we eat in a public place and they will suffer more as they watch us eat. I believe that this is a reason to not eat on the street.

Isn’t it already prohibited to eat on the street? VH

Yes, but I believe that in our society, in which people regularly eat on the street impacts the laws of eating on the street, especially in terms of blessings, washing and benching.

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